Privacy Policy

This policy explains how we (Impliance Pty Ltd, ABN 43 644 793 644) handle personal information provided by you when you interact with our web site and our systems and services. We may update this policy from time to time. If you’re a registered user of our systems, we will attempt to notify you of changes to this policy as they occur and the latest version will remain available on our website.

Information we collect

When you use our services, we may collect your name, email address, phone number, physical address, employer details, comments, files and other metadata, as explicitly provided by you. We may also collect metadata associated with your means of access to our service, such as the areas of our services that you access, your computer IP address, dates and times of access, browser software and version.

We aim to collect the minimum personal information necessary to deliver our services effectively.

How we collect and store information

When you interact with our web site and services, we may set “cookies” in your browser to temporarily store short term information on your computer about how you interact with our services. These cookies are essential for the correct operation of the services that we provide to you and without them, we are unable to guarantee that our web site and services will work as intended. You can clear cookies from your browser cache and they will not be re-set by our systems until you visit our websites or services again.

The type of information stored in cookies may include the specific pages you visit, data and documents that you have selected for upload to our services, login tokens to keep your session active and other short term storage directly associated with our delivery of services to you.

We store longer-term information such as your name and other account details, files you upload, and comments that you make, in encrypted databases and encrypted file storage, located in Amazon Web Services’ cloud infrastructure, situated in Sydney, Australia. This information is retained indefinitely to ensure an auditable record for your interaction with our systems and data.

We make every effort to store your data on servers located in Australia. However, data may be transmitted out of Australia in the course of delivery of a service to you, especially if you are accessing our services from outside Australia, or via service providers who have components outside Australia (for example, a satellite internet service provider). Where data is transferred outside Australia in the course of its delivery to you, it is encrypted during transit but may be stored in a decrypted form on the devices you use to access our services.

When you lodge a support request with us, portions of your support request and communications with us may reside encrypted in our support databases which are housed on servers operated by our Support system provider, located in USA, Ireland, Japan, Germany and Australia.

How we use and disclose your information

When you are invited to access our systems by another user of the service, they will not be able to confirm the existence of your email account or any other details about you, until you accept the invitation. If you accept the invitation, we will notify the user who invited you, as well as the administrators and power users associated with their account within our systems. Those users will be able to see your name and email address, and any files shared via our service with you, from the time that you accept the invitation.

When you type a comment on a document, sign-on to a document, or accept an invitation as a document author, project manager or administrator, additional details about you may be shared to users linked with those documents and/or associated accounts in our system. This can include your name, contact details, comments and associated metadata. Our global administration and support team, and also administrators of our client accounts with which you have accepted invitations, may also see your email, phone number, address, employer and other details as provided by you when you configure your user account.

We do not share your information with advertisers or third parties, unless they are also our clients, and you have explicitly accepted an invitation to interact with their accounts and users within our systems.

We may share your data with third parties such as law enforcement, if compelled by a court order.

Access, corrections, complaints and resolution

If you need to contact us in relation to this policy, including to make a request for access to your information, to ask for a correction, or to make a complaint about handling of your personal information, please lodge a request with our support team using the contact form located [here].